Amy Story Artist

Found Constellations

Digital Image Projection, Laser Cut Acrylic

Group Exhibition: 2017, Cooke’s Studios, Barrow-in-Furness

This work set out to explore the lost railway lines and industrial heritage of Barrow-in-Furness. Using a map of the disused train stations of Cumbria, I formed constellations by joining up lines from the map co-ordinate points of the  abandoned stations. 12 distinct shapes emerged, divided in to separate areas. These shapes form their own new narrative for each observer, drawing on the brain's inability to resist making its own patterns and connections.

The constellations were looped and projected on to a blank canvas forming an ever- changing picture. I produced one further constellation from the co-ordinate points of the addresses of the other participants in the group show, this shape was cut into acrylic and lit from below with LED lighting.

Developed as part of Signal Film & Media's Digital Art Mentoring Programme led by artist Sam Meech

Update - Found Constellations has a new iteration as RE:FORM, find out more.