Amy Story Artist

Pen on mountboard
Group Exhibition

Florence Arts Centre

I began researching drawing techniques during lockdown. Contour drawing was something I came across as an exercise in hand-eye coordination. You slowly move your eyes around the outline of the object, at the same time moving your pen across the paper, without looking down too much! This appealed to me as I’m fascinated by sensory perception and the brain/body connection.

I’m also interested in challenging the traditional narrative of still-life subjects - such as bowls of fruit. Can seemingly humdrum household objects become the subject of ‘art’? The Fruitful exhibition seemed a good opportunity to find out.

Fruitful exhibition information: 

Florence Arts Centre is marking Spring 2022 with a burst of artistic endeavour, a forthright celebration of new growth and creative abundance.

We invited artists, makers and craftspeople to submit proposals inspired by the word fruitful, in its broadest sense.

<<fruitful>> productive, helpful, fertile

<<frui>> borrowed from Latin, to enjoy or delight in

Everyone was encouraged to push their boundaries, to shake off the cobwebs and try something new.

To be bold and ambitious.

To tell a story.