Amy Story Artist


Art Practice
My practice is interdisciplinary and I’m interested in the interplay and overlap between digital and non-digital ways of making art. My work so far has incorporated; video, projection, digital drawing, 2D wire sculpture, illustration and paper collage.

Experimenting with new techniques and testing new ways of working is part of my process and I enjoy being playful and allowing new outcomes to emerge. I don’t focus on a particular theme, but a common thread throughout my work is the interconnectedness within different systems.

My installations have included interactive and playful elements, interrupting the traditional relationship between art and observer, inviting the viewer to become part of the work.

I studied Media Production at Cumbria Institute of the Arts, graduating in 2008. I began developing my art practice in 2017 after taking part in Signal Film & Media’s Digital Art Mentoring Programme. I have exhibited in group settings, produced a micro-commission and organised collaborative art projects and exhibitions. I live and work in Carlisle, Cumbria I’m part of crit group: #ArtCritNorthCumbria. I’m an Associate Member at The Newbridge Project

I’ve provided creative and admin support for projects like; Upland, Artful Ways, and We are Here! I’m currently working with Cumbria Arts & Culture Network.

Previously I’ve worked with charities and organisations to provide video, animation and design services. I worked with Haemnet to illustrate and animate their Personal Resilience video series.

Instagram: @amy_story_artist