Amy Story Artist


Video - Live Captured Projection Mapping

Newbridge Collective Studio Group Exhibition - 3rdWAVE, 2020, Online

3rdWAVE is a 3 stage workshop/exhibition featuring members of the 2020/2021 and previous Newbridge Collective Studio cohorts. The project is designed by Will Stockwell and its aim is to foster a cross pollination of ideas between the old and new Collective Studio cohorts. New participants were allocated work from previous participants and asked to make something in response. I was partnered up with Imo Jeffes and Gemma Jones.

I used projection mapping software to create two videos for my response. This allowed me to capture/record the videos live whilst adding and manipulating effects in real time to my source footage. This is the first time I’ve used this technique to create a video work and I found it was a very free-flowing way to get ideas down in video rather than using traditional video editing software which can be time consuming and can sometimes halt the creative process.

See my response alongside the original work, and browse the other pieces on the site: